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 Garden office makers aim to offset CO2
By 4ecotips
Published on March 16, 2007, 1:16 pm

Climate neutral activities promised

Garden Escape, creators of modern, clean, crisp office environments for the garden, continue their dedication to tackle climate change by offsetting their CO2 emissions with Climate Care.

Richard Harvey, managing director, says: Climate Care is a repair service for damage to the climate. Repair takes time and is not as good as avoiding damage in the first place, but it is something that can be done right now to offset the CO2 emissions from our activities. Through its award-winning sustainable energy projects Climate Care will reduce pollution (CO2) equal to the amounts we create making our activities climate neutral.

Garden Escape is committed to improving the environment. The original concept was to create a working office using garden space so that people could avoid travelling great distances to work, not only wasting their most valuable resource time - but also reducing the pollutants that a commute to work create.

The company produces a range of contemporary constructions using cedar and iroko wood (both carefully selected from sustainable sources). Compliance with home buildings regulations is assured and heat loss is minimised through using such materials as wood, heat reflective glass and glass wool recycled insulation.

As Garden Escapes greenness grows so does their creation of structures of combined innovative styling and natural beauty for which they have recently received an achievement award for environmental performance from FORCE (Forum for Constructing Excellence).

Although mostly used for offices, the structures can also be adapted for use as gyms, teenage retreats, games rooms, therapy rooms and consultancy rooms.  

Says Richard: We realise that an effective response to improving the environment requires a change in lifestyle over a period of time but by manufacturing environmentally friendly products and offsetting our CO2 emissions with Climate Care, The Garden Escape is taking a step towards this right now.

Garden Escapes combine innovative design with the natural beauty of wood and glass; traditional materials combine with sophisticated technology to create a garden building with a difference. a home office, an elegant garden room or just a place to relax away from the house. Every Garden Escape is built by an experienced team of technicians, and can be tailored to individual needs. All you have to decide is where you want it.

Included in Garden Escapes specification and price are:

  • construction of strong, secure foundations;
  • connection of your electricity supply and data/phone cabling;
  • convection heating, ample electrical sockets, stylish soft recessed lighting;
  • thermal and acoustic insulation to the same standards as a newly built home;
  • internal painted plaster finish;
  • engineered oak flooring;
  • externally clad in western red cedar, so no maintenance required;
  • and a Lloyds of London backed guarantee.

More information: www.thegardenescape.co.uk

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Climate Care is an admirable solution which other businesses could turn to advantage.


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