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 Thatched lapas for all seasons
By 4ecotips
Published on August 24, 2008, 5:50 pm

Out of Africa and into your Garden

For a stunning, practical and flexible eco-friendly outdoor living space, nothing compares with a Lapa (pronounced Larper). A traditional South African structure, a Lapa has a timber frame and a fully thatched roof, providing a beautiful, contemporary entertaining area or extra room in the garden.

The Lapa Company, based in Kent, is unique in the UK in creating authentic Lapas. Each structure is designed and built by hand to customers individual specifications, so that no two are the same. They can be made to any shape or size. The companys team of skilled craftsmen uses traditional materials, such as Cape Reed for the thatch and natural hardwood timber from Africa for the frame, to design a structure that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The creation of each hand-thatched roof is an art and the result is an eye-catching, lasting and water-tight covering that offers year-round protection from the elements.

There are now many thatched garden structures on the market that use thatch tile systems to recreate a thatch effect, says Lapa company director, Craig Ormiston. None of these systems can compete with the visual impact and aesthetics of a real thatch roof. This is what makes our structures unique and ensures that all our customers get genuine, one-off bespoke buildings to meet their exact requirements.

A Lapa can be used for many purposes - from an alfresco dining or living area, to a pool house, spa or even outdoor classroom and can be customised with lighting, heating, barbecue, fireplace and chimney, or spa.

More information: www.thelapacompany.co.uk

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Lapas look lovely but they arent cheap! But then you are paying for both sustainable materials and top workmanship so at prices from 10,000 - 20,000 this is, probably, reasonable!


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