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Last updated 9th September 05


Electrisave is a very clever little gadget that will help you cut ££££s off your electricity bill. That means extra money you can put towards a new car, a relaxing holiday or even the mortgage.

As soon as you've got an Electrisave in your home you'll realise just how much you squander on electricity. And how much money you could be saving!

Actual tests on an Electrisave used over a 12-month period in a four-bedroom, UK townhouse proved that it's possible to save over 25% of your electricity costs.

Our bar chart shows exactly how the savings made each quarter added up to a total saving of 2217 units.

That means extra money to spend on things you want or like to do instead of paying for unnecessary electricity - in fact, wasted electricity.

Electrisave savings

The Evening Standard's Alison Cork says: "If like me you are always a little alarmed at your ever-increasing electricity bill, you might like to invest in the Electrisave. Only just launched this small device clips onto the electricity meter and a portable monitor then tells you how much you are spending each hour on electricity in your property.

"It also highlights leaps in consumption, the causes of which can be something as trivial as the children leaving the fridge door open. Users have reported being able to reduce their electricity bills by as much as 25%!"

The Observer highlights the Electrisave as a GOOD BUY! It says: "What's missing in power saving campaigns is that element of instant gratification. You change your bulbs to low energy and stop leaving your video on standby, but you have to wait until your quarterly bill to see any fiscal benefits.

"But direct from Australia, where it's affectionately known as the Cent-o-meter, the Electrisave has arrived to change all that."

So there's little doubt that Electrisave can help save you a small fortune. And it will also tell how much green house gas you are saving.

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