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last updated 24th November 05

Big potential savings for motorists

You can now see where the cheapest fuel prices are in your area for your vehicle by using the new website Petrol prices vary from 85.9p to 105.6p per litre across the UK and the new website provides free access to petrol prices across all UK service stations, allowing you to save a small fortune a year on motoring costs.

Launched by Fubra, is

  • An exclusive web site delivering all UK fuel prices free of charge.
  • Updated with new prices on a daily basis to keep the information fresh and accurate
  • Using Google Maps technology to display the stations on an easy to navigate map
  • Covering all fuel types and grades: unleaded, diesel,lrp, super and lpg.

Using the service is easy. All you need to do is enter the postcode or town of interest on the website and it will display ten service stations and the prices they are currently charging for fuel. Actually a comparison is made of all the stations within a radius of five, ten and twenty miles specified by the user and the prices of the ten cheapest stations are shown on a map and in a list.

It is common to find service stations charging 10p pr litre more than others just a few miles away. All major service stations are covered including BP, Shell and Texaco as well as smaller chains and hundreds of independent stations.

In London and other major cities, the search can be conducted on a two-mile radius to prtovide more local results.

For frequent drivers or those really keen on savings there is an email alert feature which allows drivers to add and remove areas from their own personal watch list and specify how frequently they would like to receive updates about the area. will then email the user with an update about the cheapest fuel in the areas they are monitoring.

Brendan McLoughlin, Fubra's managing director, says: "I've already found the email alert really handy in our test phase for the site. I travel a lot to Nottingham and Manchester so I have a few strategically placed email alerts on route and instead of paying motorway prices I get the best deals on every trip. I saved around £50 last month. comes as a breath of fresh air for UK motorists who are still currently paying high prices for petrol and diesel. The rising cost of fuel is what spurred Fubra on - the UK based company behind the website who specialises in delivering websites providing high quality information quickly to users. Their aim is to create an easy way for motorists to find the best value.



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